SLIM-MO-64 rev B
Master Oscillator
Updated 4-30-08.  Update for Rev A, which is a component change, only.
Updated 6-13-08.  Update for Rev B, which is a component change, only.
Updated 5-14-15.  Change Parts List from Rev B to Rev C and move to this page

SLIM-MO-64,  Master Oscillator, size-A
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  SKSLIM-MO-64 Rev B, Schematic, in ExpressPCB software.
b.   LAYSLIM-MO-64 Rev A, Layout, in ExpressPCB software. Use this drawing to locate parts on the Board
c.   PLSLIM-MO-64 Rev C,  Parts List is maintained only this page.
d.   PWB-MOB Rev 0, Base artwork for PWB, in ExpressPCB software.  Use this drawing to order the pwb from Express.
This SLIM is constructed on a common printed wiring board, the PWB-MOB.  Click to go to the page describing the Master Osc or Buffer.

    The SLIM-MO-64, Master Oscillator, contains a 64 MHz oscillator and 3 buffered line drivers.  Each output is 5 volt CMOS that can drive a 50 ohm line that is terminated with either, a high impedance load, or 50 ohms.  A 33 ohm resistor is in series with each output.
    The frequency will drift with temperature. I was able to test only one sample. It had a positive frequency/temperature coefficient of .15 parts per million per degree F (9.6 Hz / 1 deg F)

SKSLIM-MO-64, Schematic of Master Oscillator, SLIM-MO-64
      A 33 ohm resistor is shown as a series element in each output.  For a 50 ohm line, with a high impedance load at the end of that line, the mismatched load will create a reflection.  The reflected signal will be dissipated in the series 33 ohm resistor plus the internal resistance of the driver (17 ohms).  For a 50 ohm line, with a 50 ohm load at the end of that line, the 50 ohm load will receive a 2.5 volt peak to peak square wave.  If this is not sufficient, the 33 ohm series resistor can be replaced with a low impedance coupling capacitor (.01 uf for 64 MHz).
  The 64 MHz oscillator can be replaced with any oscillator in the CTS series of CB3 oscillators.  There are other crystal oscillators with this footprint, but I have not researched them.
  Once temperature equalibrium has been reached, this oscillator is extremely stable.
    If this module is used in a system where fewer outputs are required, omit the drivers that are not needed.  This reduces power consumption.

LAYSLIM-MO-64, Layout of Master Oscillator, SLIM-MO-64
slim/layslim_mo_64.gif  slim/mastosc.JPG
    Notice, in the layout and the photo, that there are several pads with no components.  This is because the pwb (PWB-MOB) can be used for other functions, such as a sine to square converter.

Parts List, PLSLIM-MO-64
Revision C,  5-14-2015 (updated 1-23-2016)
Designator     Value                     Part Number                            Digikey Number                 Cost                        Notes

C1                 .01 uF               C0805C103K5RACTU                     399-1158-1-ND                    0.04 
C2                 .1 uF                 C0805C104K3RACTU                     399-1168-1-ND                    0.05
C3                 10uf/16v           AVX, TPSB106K016R0500              478-5230-1-ND                    0.65                 Rev C
C4                 10uf/16v
          AVX, TPSB106K016R0500              478-5230-1-ND                    0.65                 Rev C
C5                 .1 uF                C0805C104K3RACTU                         399-1168-1-ND                 0.05
C6                 .1 uF
               C0805C104K3RACTU                         399-1168-1-ND                  0.05
C7                 .1 uF               C0805C104K3RACTU                         399-1168-1-ND                  0.05
C8                 .1 uF               C0805C104K3RACTU                         399-1168-1-ND                  0.05
C9                 .1 uF               C0805C104K3RACTU                         399-1168-1-ND                  0.05
C11               .1 uF               C0805C104K3RACTU                         399-1168-1-ND                  0.05
FB1                                                                                                                                                                  "Rev A, deleted"
J1               SMA Optional        Molex, 538-73391-0070                     WM5544-ND                     4.74
              SMA Optional        Molex, 538-73391-0070                     WM5544-ND                     4.74
J3               SMA Optional        Molex, 538-73391-0070                     WM5544-ND                     4.74
P1                 Conn, 2 pin         Sold as a row of 36 pins                    S1012E-36-ND                    0.06    was S1012-36-ND
R1                 33 ohm                MCR10ERTF33R0                       RHM33.0CHCT-ND              0.04               "Rev B, was 49.9 ohm"
                33 ohm                MCR10ERTF33R0                       RHM33.0CHCT-ND              0.04               "Rev B, was 49.9 ohm"
R3                 33 ohm                MCR10ERTF33R0                       RHM33.0CHCT-ND              0.04               "Rev B, was 49.9 ohm"
                                             33 ohm was MCR10EZHF33.0 / RHM33.0CCT-ND
R4                 10 ohm                MCR10ERTF10R0                       RHM10.0CHCT-ND              0.04
                 10 ohm                MCR10ERTF10R0                       RHM10.0CHCT-ND              0.04
R6                 10 ohm                MCR10ERTF10R0                       RHM10.0CHCT-ND              0.04
R7                 10 ohm                MCR10ERTF10R0                       RHM10.0CHCT-ND              0.04
R12               10 ohm                MCR10ERTF10R0                       RHM10.0CHCT-ND              0.04                 "Rev A, added"
                                             10 ohm was MCR10EZHF10.0 / RHM10.0CCT-ND
U1                 78M05                 L78M05ACDT-TR                         497-1202-1-ND                   0.70   was L78M05CDT/497-2956-5-ND
U2                 CB3-64M             CTX286                                         CTX286CT-ND                 4.54
U3                 7SZ04                 NC7SZ04M5X                         NC7SZ04M5XCT-ND                0.33
                 7SZ04                 NC7SZ04M5X                         NC7SZ04M5XCT-ND                0.33
U5                 7SZ04                 NC7SZ04M5X                         NC7SZ04M5XCT-ND                0.33
U6                 7SZ04                 NC7SZ04M5X                         NC7SZ04M5XCT-ND                0.33
PWB                                     Circuit Board PWB-MOB                                                              3.28