Printed Wiring Board for
Master Oscillator or Buffer
Updated 5-14-08.  Update for schem rev A.
Updated 6-13-08.  Update for schem rev B.
PWB-MOB, Master Osc or Buffer, size-A
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SKPWB-MOB rev B, Schematic, in ExpressPCB software. Use as a base for new designs.
d.  PWB-MOB, Base artwork for PWB, in ExpressPCB software.  Use this drawing to order the pwb from Express.
There is no parts list.

    The PWB-MOB is a printed wiring board, that is layed out to allow construction of either an oscillator or buffer.  It will take that signal, square the waveform, and drive up to 3 separate users.  The input signal can be a sine or square wave with a level from -10 dBm to +18 dBm.  The input impedance is determined by the value of R9.
    The PWB-MOB contains a center biased buffer and 3 line drivers.  Each output is 5 volt CMOS that can drive a 50 ohm line
that is terminated with either a high impedance load, or 50 ohms.  A resistor is shown as a series element in each output, but can be changed to capacitors.

SKPWB-MOB, Schematic.  Note: this is not a functional schematic.

PWB-MOB, Artwork for pwb.