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Modularized Spectrum Analyzer

Obsolete and Unmaintained Documentation for the MSA Project
MSA Software:
For Original and SLIM MSA
.bas files can only be run from Liberty Basic
.tkn files are compiled bas files and are run from the spectrumanalyzer.exe program.
117spectrumanalyzer.bas  Rev B
117spectrumanalyzer.tkn  Rev B
116spectrumanalyzer.bas  Rev 0
116spectrumanalyzer.tkn  Rev 0
115spectrumanalyzer.bas  version 115-G
115spectrumanalyzer.tkn  version 115-G
114spectrumanalyzer.bas  version 114
114spectrumanalyzer.tkn  version 114
113spectrumanalyzer.bas  version 113
113spectrumanalyzer.tkn  version 113
112spectrumanalyzer.bas  version 112
111spectrumanalyzer.bas  version 111
For Original MSA only:
110spectrumanalyzer.bas  version 110  (there was not a version 109)
108spectrumanalyzer.bas  version 108
107spectrumanalyzer.bas  version 107
106spectrumanalyzer.bas  version 106
105spectrumanalyzer.bas  version 105
104spectrumanalyzer.bas  version 104
103spectrumanalyzer.bas  version 103
102spectrumanalyzer.bas  version 102
101spectrumanalyzer.bas  version 101

Web Pages
, no longer maintained.  The links and pictures may not work.
Main Page, previous page, during version 114
Another old Main Page, not sure of its vintage.
The Original MSA version. The original Main Page. It is a construction guide, to support the Original MSA.  It includes more links to pages for the addition of a Tracking Generator and expansion of the Original MSA/Tracking Generator to a Vector Network Analyzer (MSA/VNA).

Documents, no longer maintained. 
MSA Wiring Diagram, Rev C