SLIM-2P4T rev 0
1 of 4 RF Switch

Original Release. The SLIM version of a design by Sam Wetterlin

SLIM-2P4T, RF Switch, size-B
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  SKSLIM-2P4T rev 0, Schematic, in ExpressPCB software.
b.   PWB-2P4T rev 0, PWB artwork, in ExpressPCB software. Use for ordering from Express and for locating parts on board.
c.   PLSLIM-2P4T rev 0, Parts List in text format.

    The SLIM-2P4T, Two Pole, 4 Throw, RF Switch module consists of two separate 1 of 4 electronic RF switches with common control.  The Analog Devices ADG704 switches have a bandwidth of over 20 MHz, with very low loss.  Maximum signal transfer (input to output) is greater than +15 dBm., but I suggest limiting its input to less than +10 dBm.
    The SLIM
-2P4T was designed for use as a selectable I.F. Resolution Filter Bank for the MSA.  Each switch will provide approximately 60 dB of isolation at 10.7 MHz.  The total of 120 dB isolation for the two switches may be closely achieved if the two switches are well isolated by a fence, with total shielding of the module.  Total insertion loss of the two switches should be approximately .4 dB.

Revision History
Original Release: Released 1-23-2010
SKSLIM-2P4T Rev 0,  PWB-2P4T Rev 0, PLSLIM-2P4T Rev 0

SKSLIM-2P4T, Schematic of 2 Pole 4 Throw RF Switch. Click on to show full size.

PWB-2P4T, Printed Wiring Board and Layout
    This pwb layout can be used for locating and for placement of components.

    A fence line shown on the layout indicates a shield separating the two sections.  When completed, there will be two covers (lids) for the module.  There is room on the bottom of the module to use 0.5 inch connectors for the 8 filter connections.  There is very little room for the common Input and Output connectors and their bases may have to be trimmed to fit properly.  Of course, the method of direct coaxial soldering can be used and connectors are not required.

Circuit trace layer and bottom layer of PWB-2P4T

Bottom Ground Layer