Mixer PWB
Original Release, 7-01-2007
Updated 7-23-09.

Base Mixer PWB, size-A, General Description
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SKPWB-MXR-ADE, Schematic, in ExpressPCB software.
b.  PWB-MXR-ADE, Base artwork for PWB, in ExpressPCB software.  Use this drawing to order the pwb from Express.
    There is no Parts List since this is a "boiler plate", and is used for higher level designs.

    This Basic Mixer PWB is configured for the footprint of a Minicircuits, ADE-11X.  However, there are numerous mixers, with the same footprint, that can used here.  This pwb layout allows each leg of the mixer to be configured for various circuits.  Resistors can be added for attenuation, or inductors and capacitors for low pass, high pass, band pass filters.  In the schematic and layout, the components are identified only as X's.  The pads will accomodate 0805 or 1206 SMT components.
    Note that J1, J2, and J3 are not annotated as specific input functions, ie., RF, IF, or LO.  Those functions depend on the way the mixer is integrated into a higher level system.

SKPWB-MXR-ADE. Schematic of Basic Mixer
    Since this Basic Mixer PWB is showing a Minicircuits, ADE-11X, I need to make this comment.  Minicircuits specifies these pin functions for the mixer:
Pins 1, 4, and 5 are ground.  Pin 6 is the L port.  Pin 2 is the R port.  Pin 3 is the I port.
    In reality, pin 2 is connected, internally, to the diode bridge.  Every other manufacturer (and most of the Minicircuits mixers) call this diode bridge pin, the I port. 
Minicircuits reversed their nomenclature to satisfy their design requirements.
    As with most mixers, the transformer ports can be interchanged, with good results.  That is, pins 3 and 6 are the transformer ports and either one can be used as the +7 dBm LO port.

PWB-MXR-ADE, Layout of Base Mixer PWB

    This layout is showing the locations of all the components.  Of course, not all components will be used for any one design.