Function - VNA Reflection

Created Dec 16, 2009

    The Function of Vector Network Analyzer is available only to the MSA Build Level 3, VNA.  The VNA Function is separated into two Modes, VNA-Transmission and VNA-Reflection.  It should be noted that there is no difference in the MSA Hardware between these two Modes.  The MSA measures the Magnitude and Phase as raw transmission data, and the software will process the data as either Transmitted or Reflected.  This page will describe the Function of VNA in the Reflection Mode.  A separate page will describe the Function-VNA Transmission.  Descriptions for all Functions of the VNA can be accessed from the Main Page.

Walk Through the MSA Software Vector Network Analyzer Reflection Mode, 12/12/09.  MSA hardware is not required for this tutorial.
VNA Operating Guide for the MSA, 12/12/09. Bench-top guide to VNA operation.
OSL Calibration Standards for the MSA. Nature and construction of OSL standards.
The Basis of OSL Calibration of the MSA. Mathematics of OSL calibration
Illustration of Plane Extension for the MSA, 10/21/09. Use of Plane Extension
Introduction to the Smith Chart for the MSA, 10/12/09
S-Parameters and Related Quantities, 10/20/09. Introduction to S-Parameters

By Sam Wetterlin, PDF's