Function -  Scalar Network Analyzer

Created Dec 16, 2009

    This page will describe the Function of Scalar Network Analyzer (SNA), and is available only to MSA Build Level 2, MSA/TG.  If your MSA has been constructed to Level 3, the VNA, do not be discouraged.  The VNA is much more powerful than an SNA, and can be treated as an SNA if the Phase Measurment capability is disregarded.

    There is not much difference between a Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator and a Scalar Network Analyzer (SNA).  A conventional SNA's Tracking Generator is commanded to output a frequency that is identical to the selected input frequency of the MSA.  When a DUT (Device Under Test) is placed between the Tracking Generator and the input of the MSA, a differential magnitude measurement can be made.  This is the normal Function of a Scalar Network Analyzer and is described on this page.

    However, the MSA's Tracking Generator does not need to be "conventional".  It can be manipulated in a variety of ways.  This "unconventional" Tracking Generator is described on the page, Function-Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator.

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